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Banner: Stormcaller


Deals Wind DMG equal to 50%25%30%35%40%45%50%55%60%65% of Huohuo's Max HP to a target enemy.

Talisman: Protection


Dispels 1 debuff(s) from a single target ally and immediately restores this ally's HP by an amount equal to 20.3%14%14.9%15.8%16.6%17.5%18.2%18.9%19.6%20.3%21%21.7%22.4%23.1%23.8%24.5% of Huohuo's Max HP plus 529140224287350392434466497529560592623655686718. At the same time, restores HP for allies that are adjacent to this target ally by an amount equal to 16.2%11.2%11.9%12.6%13.3%14%14.6%15.1%15.7%16.2%16.8%17.4%17.9%18.5%19%19.6% of Huohuo's Max HP plus 423112179230280314347372398423448473498524549574.

Tail: Spiritual Domination


Regenerates Energy for all allies (excluding this character) by an amount equal to 19.4%15%15.5%16%16.5%17%17.5%18.1%18.8%19.4%20%20.5%21%21.5%22%22.5% of their respective Max Energy. At the same time, increases their ATK by 38%24%25.6%27.2%28.8%30.4%32%34%36%38%40%41.6%43.2%44.8%46.4%48% for 2 turn(s).

Possession: Ethereal Metaflow


After using her Skill, Huohuo gains Divine Provision, lasting for 2 turn(s). This duration decreases by 1 turn at the start of each Huohuo's turn. If Huohuo has Divine Provision when an ally's turn starts or when an ally uses their Ultimate, restores HP for that ally by an amount equal to 4.4%3%3.2%3.4%3.6%3.8%3.9%4.1%4.2%4.4%4.5%4.7%4.8%5%5.1%5.3% of Huohuo's Max HP plus 113304862758493100107113120127134140147154. At the same time, every ally with 50% HP or lower receives healing once.
When Divine Provision is triggered to heal an ally, dispel 1 debuff(s) from that ally. This effect can be triggered up to 6 time(s). Using the skill again resets the effect's trigger count.

Fiend: Impeachment of Evil


Huohuo terrorizes surrounding enemies, afflicting Horror-Struck on them. Enemies in Horror-Struck will flee away from Huohuo for 10 second(s). When entering battle with enemies in Horror-Struck, there is a 100% base chance of reducing every single enemy's ATK by 25% for 2 turn(s).

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