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Flower Pick


Tosses 1 jade tile from the suit with the fewest tiles in hand to deal Quantum DMG equal to 100%50%60%70%80%90%100%110%120%130% of Qingque's ATK to a single enemy.

A Scoop of Moon


Immediately draws 2 jade tile(s) and increases DMG by 26%14%15%17%18%20%21%23%25%26%28%29%31%32%34%35% until the end of the current turn. This effect can stack up to 4 time(s). The turn will not end after this Skill is used.

A Quartet? Woo-hoo!


Deals Quantum DMG equal to 190%120%128%136%144%152%160%170%180%190%200%208%216%224%232%240% of Qingque's ATK to all enemies, and obtains 4 jade tiles of the same suit.

Celestial Jade


When an ally's turn starts, Qingque randomly draws 1 tile from 3 different suits and can hold up to 4 tiles at one time.
If Qingque starts her turn with 4 tiles of the same suit, she consumes all tiles to enter the "Hidden Hand" state.
While in this state, Qingque cannot use her Skill again. At the same time, Qingque's ATK increases by 68%36%40%43%47%50%54%59%63%68%72%76%79%83%86%90%, and her Basic ATK "Flower Pick" is enhanced, becoming "Cherry on Top!" The "Hidden Hand" state ends after using "Cherry on Top!".

Game Solitaire


After using Technique, Qingque draws 2 jade tile(s) when the battle starts.

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