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Ruan Mei

Threading Fragrance


Deals Ice DMG equal to 100%50%60%70%80%90%100%110%120%130% of Ruan Mei's ATK to a single target enemy.

String Sings Slow Swirls


After using her Skill, Ruan Mei gains Overtone, lasting for 3 turn(s). This duration decreases by 1 at the start of Ruan Mei's turn. When Ruan Mei has Overtone, all allies' DMG increases by 30%16%17.6%19.2%20.8%22.4%24%26%28%30%32%33.6%35.2%36.8%38.4%40% and Weakness Break Efficiency increases by 50%.

Petals to Stream, Repose in Dream


Ruan Mei deploys a field that lasts for 2 turns. The field's duration decreases by 1 at the start of her turn.
While inside the field, all allies' All-Type RES PEN increases by 23.8%15%16%17%18%19%20%21.3%22.5%23.8%25%26%27%28%29%30% and their attacks apply Thanatoplum Rebloom to the enemies hit.
When these enemies attempt to recover from Weakness Break, Thanatoplum Rebloom is triggered, extending the duration of their Weakness Break, delaying their action by an amount equal to 20% of Ruan Mei's Break Effect plus 10%, and dealing Break DMG equal to 48%30%32%34%36%38%40%43%45%48%50%52%54%56%58%60% of Ruan Mei's Ice Break DMG.
Enemy targets cannot have Thanatoplum Rebloom re-applied to them until they recover from Weakness Break.

Somatotypical Helix


Increases SPD by 9.8%8%8.2%8.4%8.6%8.8%9%9.3%9.5%9.8%10%10.2%10.4%10.6%10.8%11% for the team (excluding this character). When allies Break an enemy target's Weakness, Ruan Mei deals to this enemy target Break DMG equal to 112.5%60%66%72%78%84%90%97.5%105%112.5%120%126%132%138%144%150% of her Ice Break DMG.

Silken Serenade


After using the Technique, gains Silken Serenade. At the start of the next battle, automatically triggers the Skill for 1 time(s) without consuming Skill Points.
In Simulated Universe, when Ruan Mei has Silken Serenade, the team actively attacking enemies will always be regarded as attacking their Weakness to enter battle, and this attack can reduce all enemies' Toughness regardless of Weakness types. When breaking Weakness, triggers Weakness Break Effect corresponding to the attacker's Type. For every Blessing in possession (up to a maximum of 20 Blessings), additionally increases the Toughness-Reducing DMG of this attack by 100%. After breaking an enemy target's Weakness, additionally deals to the enemy target Break DMG equal to 100% of Ruan Mei's Ice Break DMG.

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