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Deals Quantum DMG equal to 100%50%60%70%80%90%100%110%120%130% of Sparkle's ATK to a single target enemy.



Increases the CRIT DMG of a single target ally by 22.5%12%13.2%14.4%15.6%16.8%18%19.5%21%22.5%24%25.2%26.4%27.6%28.8%30% of Sparkle's CRIT DMG plus 42.8%27%28.8%30.6%32.4%34.2%36%38.3%40.5%42.8%45%46.8%48.6%50.4%52.2%54%, lasting for 1 turn(s). And at the same time, Advances Forward this ally's action by 50%.
When Sparkle uses this ability on herself, the Action Advance effect will not trigger.

The Hero with a Thousand Faces


Recovers 4 Skill Points for the team and grants all allies Cipher. For allies with Cipher, each stack of the DMG Boost effect provided by Sparkle's Talent additionally increases by 9.5%6%6.4%6.8%7.2%7.6%8%8.5%9%9.5%10%10.4%10.8%11.2%11.6%12%, lasting for 2 turns.

Red Herring


While Sparkle is on the battlefield, additionally increases the max number of Skill Points by 2. Whenever an ally consumes 1 Skill Point, all allies' DMG dealt increases by 5.6%3%3.3%3.6%3.9%4.2%4.5%4.9%5.3%5.6%6%6.3%6.6%6.9%7.2%7.5%. This effect lasts for 2 turn(s) and can stack up to 3 time(s).

Unreliable Narrator


Using the Technique grants all allies Misdirect for 20 seconds. Characters with Misdirect will not be detected by enemies, and entering battle in the Misdirect state recovers 3 Skill Point(s) for the team.

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