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Deals 100%50%60%70%80%90%100%110%120%130% of Yukong's ATK as Imaginary DMG to a target enemy.

Emboldening Salvo


Obtains 2 stack(s) of "Roaring Bowstrings" (to a maximum of 2 stacks). When "Roaring Bowstrings" is active, the ATK of all allies increases by 75%40%44%48%52%56%60%65%70%75%80%84%88%92%96%100%, and every time an ally's turn (including Yukong's) ends, Yukong loses 1 stack of "Roaring Bowstrings."
When it's the turn where Yukong gains "Roaring Bowstrings" by using Skill, "Roaring Bowstrings" will not be removed.

Diving Kestrel


If "Roaring Bowstrings" is active on Yukong when her Ultimate is used, additionally increases all allies' CRIT Rate by 27.1%21%21.7%22.4%23.1%23.8%24.5%25.4%26.3%27.1%28%28.7%29.4%30.1%30.8%31.5% and CRIT DMG by 62%39%42%44%47%49%52%55%59%62%65%68%70%73%75%78%. At the same time, deals Imaginary DMG equal to 361%228%243%258%274%289%304%323%342%361%380%395%410%426%441%456% of Yukong's ATK to a single enemy.

Seven Layers, One Arrow


Basic ATK additionally deals Imaginary DMG equal to 75%40%44%48%52%56%60%65%70%75%80%84%88%92%96%100% of Yukong's ATK, and increases the Toughness Reduction of this attack by 100%. This effect can be triggered again after 1 turn(s).



After using her Technique, Yukong enters Sprint mode for 20 seconds. In Sprint mode, her Movement SPD increases by 35%, and Yukong gains 2 stack(s) of "Roaring Bowstrings" when she enters battle by attacking enemies.

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